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Flute Lessons

Application Form | Skype Lessons | In-Person Lessons

If you would like me to give you flute lessons, please read through this webpage and then fill out the application form at the bottom of this page.

You can learn bansuri

Flute LessonsI firmly believe that any motivated and intelligent person can learn music, regardless of age, ethnicity or musical background, provided they have good lessons and practice what they are taught. My aim is to help you unlock the mysteries of music and fulfill your vast musical potential.

I encourage students to practice daily for a minimum of 60 minutes: there's a high chance it will be the best hour of your day and the results of your efforts will be extremely audible in the beautiful flute music you will soon be playing!

Online Flute Lessons with Kerry Kriger

I can give online lessons via Skype, which enables us to use free audio and video and play music together regardless of where in the world we are. Skype lessons approximately one hour long:

1 lesson: $50
5 lessons: $225 ($45 each)
10 lessons: $400 ($40 each)

After we schedule a lesson, you can send me a payment via Paypal, the Square Cash App (ask me about it, it's my favorite), check, wire transfer, Western Union or a money order that works in American banks.

Skype requires you have decent internet. Please download and install Skype and test it on a friend before we get started. If your computer does not have a good mic/speaker system, I suggest getting a USB headset/mic. Call a friend who has skype. Enable video. Can you see them? Can you hear them? Can they see you? Can they hear you? If not, there is a problem; please get it working before our lesson.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you're not pleased with the first lesson, you do not have to pay.

In-person Flute Lessons with Kerry Kriger

Indian music has been handed down teacher to student for several thousand years, for good reason: private lessons are without a doubt the most effective way to learn music. I use to travel long distances to take lessons from my guru Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao. Taking a lessons was usually the high point of my week. There are two choices if you want to take private in-person lessons from me:

(1) Travel to where I am

Here is my approximate travel schedule for 2015:
April and early May: Berkeley, CA
Late May and June: Virginia
July: Belize
August: Virginia and New York
September: Colorado

1 sixty-minute lesson: $50
5 sixty-minute lessons: $225 ($45 each)
10 sixty-minute lessons: $400 ($40 each)

1 ninety-minute lesson: $70
5 ninety-minute lessons: $325 ($65 each)
10 ninety-minute lessons: $600 ($60 each)

Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you're not pleased with the first lesson, you do not have to pay.

(2) Pay my transportation to and from your part of the world

Not everyone has the option to travel long distances for flute lessons. Perhaps you want me to come to you so you can learn flute from a bamboo flute master in the comfort of your own house!

If you can buy me roundtrip airfare then we can likely make something happen. You will have me for six hours per day. During that time I can do any of the following, as you desire: teach you; play live music for you or your family and friends; and I can compose music for you to practice later. In that way, even if you do not have the flute stamina to play for six hours in a day, you are still getting lots of quality flute knowledge and enjoyment while I am visiting you. You could also go in with some of your friends who are interested in Indian Music and I can give you group lessons or teach all of you in succession, thus enabling you to share the expenses - and collaborate more effectively into the future!

Daily rate: $495/day (two three-hour sessions)
Weekly rate: $1,495 (two three-hour sessions per day, five days)

If you have a house with an extra room and can host me with one meal provided per day that would make it much more likely I could come. We would also have a lot more time to talk music. I would entertain myself during our non-flute hours.

We can make a huge amount of progress on your playing in these personalized sessions.

"Thanks again. Finally I find a teacher that I was looking for. I'm new to the bansuri and being a flute maker this way of playing the flute is new for me." -- Roland Gonzales

Free lessons on

The ragas page on this site has lots of free info about various ragas.

"Thanks for the stuff on your website it has been very helpful to get started."
-- Jay Van Schelt

Free lessons on YouTube

Please go subscribe to my YouTube channel at to get free lessons and a whole lot more.

flute bansuri lessons

"So far I have found your videos of utmost value." -- Jay Patel

"Amazing work done by Dr Kerry Kriger. It is informative and interesting for students who are keen to learn bamboo flute. This is a great method and absolutely fantastic tutorial. May we have many more flutists with the help of Dr Kriger.
All the very best,
Maitreyee Sarcar HF FRSA,
Surtarang Broadcast, UK"

"Thanks for the wonderful exposition of the flute knowledge. It is wonderful exposure for the beginners and amateurs."
-- BL Malhotra

You need a flute to take lessons!

You need to have a decent bansuri and ideally it should be in the same pitch as one that I have. Here are the flutes I have (based on Sa, which is the first three holes closed):


If you don't know the pitch of your flute, hold three holes down and blow to get Sa...hold it steady and use your digital tuner to tell you what pitch flute you have. If you don't have these pitch flutes, no problem, I can still teach you.

Application Form

Thanks for your interest!


I also teach drums

Let me know if you want lessons for any type of hand drum.

"My son is loving it! He has walked every inch of the house drumming. up the stairs, down the stairs, on the couch, in the kitchen and around the dining room! it's great to see this!"
-- Alyson Lee, Worcester, MA